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Aventos 21FA000 Servo-Drive Power Unit for HF-HL-HS
Model: BLA....21FA000
Manufacturer: Blum
In Stock
Price: $415.82 

Aventos 21FA000 Servo-Drive Power Unit for HF-HL-HS
The drive unit is attached without tools to the mechanical lift mechanism. The same drive unit can be used for HF-HL-HS lift mechanisms. A maximum of 18 Aventos Servo-Drive motors can be connected to a 100-watt Servo-Drive transformer, but only 3 can be activated at the same time. The Servo-Drive Distribution Cable is used to supply power to the drive unit. The maximum permitted operating power is 24 V. The Connecting node & Cable End Protector establishes the electrical connection between the distribution cable and the transformer. The cable end protector is inserted into the “open” end of the cable.

  • 1x Servo-Drive Set
  • 1x 60" universal distribution cable
  • 1x Cable connector
  • 2x Cable end protector

Blum Aventos Lift systems in wall cabinets provide better access to kitchen cabinet interiors because fronts open upwards. These Lift systems are easy to open and can be stopped in any desired position and may be used with Blumotion Clip Top Hinges or extension arms providing silent and effortless closing action

With Aventos Servo-Drive the lift systems utilize a powered opening system activated by a single touch. Once installed, kitchen users will never again want to do without this level of comfort. Even large and heavy cabinet door fronts open with gravity-defying ease. They lift up and out of the user's way to provide ergonomic access to interiors. To close, press the switch that is easily accessible on the cabinet side. Once installed, kitchen users will never again want to do without this level of comfort.

BLUM Manufacturer Information:
Blum Inc. is an international company that specializes in the production of functional furniture fittings for commercial casework industries. The company's main product groups are cabinet door lift mechanisms, kitchen cabinet European-style hinges and drawer runner systems for furniture - in particular for kitchen furniture. Their products are designed to inspire everyone who uses them. CLIP Top hinges, soft-close BLUMOTION and the SERVO-DRIVE electric opening hinge systems are all innovations by Blum and milestones in the furniture manufacturing industry.