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Blum Tandem Plus 560H5000C Full Extension Drawer Runners 500mm 20inch
560H5000C TAND DR SL F/EXT 20 ZC ... MORE
Model: BLDS...560H5000
Manufacturer: Blum
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Price: $28.57 

Blum Tandem Plus 560H5000C Full Extension Drawer Runners 500mm 20inch
Handle-less furniture is becoming more and more popular in the living area. With TIP-ON, we offer a mechanical opening support system for handle-less fronts. It allows your customers to easily open handle-less pull-outs. The new synchronization for TIP-ON for TANDEM makes it possible to open wide fronts with just a light touch, no matter where you press on the handle-less front. TIP-ON can be used in the kitchen as well as other living areas.

  • Dynamic load bearing options 30kg
  • TANDEM inside - unsurpassed running action - for the lifetime of the furniture
  • Tool-free height adjustment via a locking device
  • Tool-free integrated front tilt adjustment
  • Built-in width and depth tolerance compensation
  • BLUMATIC self-closing feature
  • Synchronization available for cabinet width 600mm and wider
Physical Specifications:

Nominal Length: 500mm
Brand: Blum

About Blum:
Located in Mississauga Ontario, the headquarters of Blum Canada Limited is ideally situated to serve the needs of the Canadian market. Blum Canada is part of a global distribution network that serves the unique needs of over 60 countries. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Julius Blum GmbH of Hoechst, Austria, a family owned company, which produces the finest in functional cabinet hardware in the world. Since its inception in 1978, Blum Canada has marketed and supplied an increasing range of Blum hardware to the discriminating Canadian market. We have established a nationwide distribution network in order to secure a leading role in the manufacture and distribution of furniture hinges, drawer running systems, and the tools which aid in their assembly. Blum Canada has created success with innovative products like CLIP and CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges, AVENTOS lift systems for upper cabinets, TANDEMBOX and LEGRABOX drawer systems, TANDEM and MOVENTO for wood drawers, as well as ORGA-LINE and AMBIA-LINE for better organization in your kitchen. Many of these products are supported with motion technologies like SERVO-DRIVE, TIP-ON, and BLUMOTION... names commonly used to describe all products of their type.

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