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Blum Orga-Line ZSI.550BT1N Cutlery Insert 550mm for Tandembox
An ORGALINE Cutlery tray is admirable and cutting-edge while still maintaining practicality. These stainless steel Blum drawer inserts provide ultimate organization for cutlery and utensils to meet all your drawer storage needs. ... MORE
Model: BLA....ZSI.550BI1NO
Manufacturer: Blum
In Stock
Price: $65.72 

Blum Orga-Line ZSI.550BT1N Cutlery Insert 550mm for Tandembox
ORGA-LINE is a high-quality inner dividing system that works wonders on the interiors of drawers and high fronted pull-outs. The inner dividing system adapts flexibly to pull-out dimensions.

It lets you store everything tidily and accessibly - no matter whether cutlery, bottles, pots and pans. Organise your storage space to meet your needs using the ORGA-LINE inner dividing system.

The ORGA-LINE inner dividing system has high-quality stainless steel containers and utensil dividers that provide clear visibility and easy access to all contents. Sets can be flexibly arranged in drawers, and items are organised and kept safe. The containers can be easily removed and are designed for dishwasher use. Now that's practical! Important: The inner dividing system adapts flexibly to the dimensions of the wooden drawer.

Advantages and Features
Flexible organisation with individual sets
For cabinet widths of 275 - 1,200 mm
Kitchen accessories can be added later
Flexible arrangement caters for different lengths
Tidy interiors, clear visibility and easy access to all contents
ORGA-LINE containers are designed for dishwasher use

Product Description and Specifications
Type of drawer dividing system: Cutlery insert / TANDEMBOX
Nominal Length: 550 mm
Actual length: 524 mm
Min. width: 103 mm
Height: 64.2 mm
Item package: Set

A Bit Abount Blum
For more than 60 years, Blum has always been considered a market leader in the development of new and innovative products. Their manufacturing of superior quality hinge systems, drawer runners and lift systems create emotion and enhance user convenience in any kitchen. Blum's fitting solutions make opening and closing furniture a mesmerizing experience. More than 5,700 employees work hard all over the world to perfect the motion of Blum's fittings systems. Their products are designed to inspire everyone who uses them. The high standards of quality in every Blum product have well-though-out function, award-winning design and most importantly a long life to ensure that cabinet doors and drawers open with ease, close softly and effortlessly, while making work flow and everyday kitchen use simple.