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SurfPrep SPRFHR220 Foam Sanding Pads - 3 x 4 x 1/2" - 600-700 Super Fine Grit - 25/Box
SurfPrep’s uniquely engineered, eco-friendly, flexible, non-loading adhesive system locks our abrasive grain in place while providing for exceptionally long life over all other abrasives sheets, discs etc ... MORE
Model: SUR.SPRFHR220
Manufacturer: SurfPrep
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Price: $36.56 

SurfPrep SPRFHR220 Foam Sanding Pads - 3 x 4 x 1/2" - 600-700 Super Fine Grit - 25/Box
About SurfPrep Foam Pads

SurfPrep 5mm Red Aluminum Oxide Foam Hook & Loop Pads are an excellent choice for preparing any surface that requires nice, consistent, even cutting, flat sanding. An excellent choice by cabinet or furniture builders who must scuff sand into corners or opposing edges or sides. A must use inside drawer boxes where manual hand sanding is a challenge or where discs sanders do not allow for full coverage into a corner. Also can be used to sand detailed white wood beading on moldings. This pad will not load or pill.

Premium Red A/O Rectangular Foam Pad 1/2 Inch Thick
SPRF5R60 3"x4"x1/2" 120 Medium Red Aluminum Oxide Foam Hook & Loop Pads
SPRFHR100 3"x4"x1/2" 220 Fine Red Aluminum Oxide Foam Hook & Loop Pads
SPRFHR150 3"x4"x1/2" 320 Very Fine Red Aluminum Oxide Foam Hook & Loop Pads
SPRF5R0180 3"x4"x1/2" 450 Super Fine Red Aluminum Oxide Foam Hook & Loop Pads
SPRFHR220 3"x4"x1/2" 600 Super Fine + Red Aluminum Oxide Foam Hook & Loop Pads

  • SurfPrep’s uniquely engineered, eco-friendly, flexible, non-loading adhesive system locks our abrasive grain in place while providing for exceptionally long life over all other abrasives sheets, discs etc.
  • SurfPrep’s high quality abrasive are available in Silicon Carbide, White Aluminum Oxide and Red Aluminum Oxide. Our grain technology is why we are SHARPER, STRONGER AND QUICKER CUTTING!
  • SurfPrep Abrasive Foam Pad’s Finish/Scratch ranges from 60 grit (coarse) through 3,500 grit (Super Micro Fine +).
  • SurfPrep Abrasive Foam Pads are the right choice for sanding white wood, lacquer sealers, conversion varnish sealers, vinyl sealers, primers, orange peel, fiberglass, clear coat, fillers, polycarbonates, fine finish restoration, carbon fiber, etc.
  • SurfPrep is designed and engineered to obtain an even-looking, uniform surface on contoured or flat surfaces.
  • SurfPrep Abrasive Foam Pads attach quickly and easily by way of a special flocking and releases just as quickly from SurfPrep’s unique hook back orbital sanding pad.
  • With SurfPrep Abrasive Foam Pads there is no need for costly, time-consuming interface pads.

Why Use SurfPrep Foam Abrasives?
Dixon’s foam abrasives are ideal for a multitude of applications. Foam abrasives can be used with greater effciency, speed and effectiveness when compared to traditional sandpaper sheets. With today’s technology in abrasive grains, flexible adhesives, foam densities and thicknesses, foam backed abrasives are the ultimate alternative to conventional sandpaper.

With regular sandpaper, abrasive grain is coated directly onto a paper, cloth/polyester or film backing. When coated onto one of the mentioned backings, the grain is not able to flex into the backing, causing the grain to re-fracture and wear away prematurely. Coating grain directly onto a solid substrate causes heat build up on the surface of the part being sanded. This excessive heat causes the coating being sanded to gum up and transfer to the abrasive, “loading or pilling”, and decreasing the life of the abrasive sheet.

Dixon’s entire offering of SurfPrep foam abrasives are manufactured with premium abrasive grains and flexible adhesives that are coated directly onto the surface of the foam. Our unique method of coating, in addition to the use of “solvent free” adhesives, is a contributing reason for the elimination of heat build up at the point of contact and extends the life of Dixon’s foam abrasives as much as 10 times & more over conventional sandpaper. BTW, Dixon was the 1st company to offer “solvent free” foam abrasives in the marketplace.

Dixon’s various shapes, sizes, finishing ranges, foam densities and ability to be used with air/electric tools allow for use on a large variety of surfaces, flat or profiled. No matter what surface is being sanded, all that’s necessary to free the accumulated dust from the SurfPrep Disc or Pad is to easily blow the grain side free of dust with an air gun.

SurfPrep Random Orbital Sanders
The 10,000 RPM Random Orbital Sander N.V. 3-2/3" inch x 4 inch x 3mm orbit with replaceable pad is perfect for use on flat surfaces, recessed corners, inside of drawer box corners and profiled moldings. It is lightweight and extremely tough. Just oil it every 8 hours or so with 2 drops of SurfPrep Oil and you’re good to go.

About SurfPrep:
SurfPrep is a branded line of products from Dixon Enterprises, Inc. Dixon is recognized today as being the largest importer of foam abrasives in North America along with the most diverse foam abrasive product line. Dixon’s foam abrasives can be used either manually or in conjunction with either air or electric sanders. Dixon’s customer base reaches around the globe.

SurfPrep is a unique sanding pad manufactured with engineered abrasive grain coated on one side of the foam with the opposite side being flocked with SurfPrep’s signature red colored flocking. The red flocking allows the SurfPrep foam abrasive sanding pad to be attached to the uniquely made SurfPrep low profile hook backup pad. SurfPrep abrasive pads are manufactured to the highest quality standards and tightest tolerances.

SurfPrep sanding systems save time, give you better control, even contact with your surface materials providing an efficient nice even scratch. Choosing to use the SurfPrep sanding system will drive costs of preparing any surface down greatly due to the fact that SurfPrep outlasts traditional sandpaper by a huge margin. SurfPrep resists loading because it remains cool while sanding. Regular sandpaper sheets begin to load up (or pill) at the point of contact with the substrate being sanded which is the cause for loss of cut and reduced life. SurfPrep’s unique adhesive in conjunction with our 21st century abrasive grain outlasts sandpaper. SurfPrep rides the surface of your substrate, whether flat or profiled, without cutting or burning through the finish. Traditional abrasive sheets tear easily and lose the abrasive grain quickly as the sheet is folded or creased causing an uneven, irregular sanded surface. SurfPrep’s proprietary solvent free adhesive system will not tear easily and never loses it grain or bond to the foam.

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