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Blum 766H7500B Movento Full Extension Integrated Blumotion Runners 750mm 60kg
Blum 766H7500B; For box quantities please order 4 units. Sold in pairs. ... MORE
Model: BLDS...766H7500B
Manufacturer: Blum
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Price: $78.58 

Blum 766H7500B Movento Full Extension Integrated Blumotion Runners 750mm 60kg
MOVENTO offers a synchronized feather-light glide, 4-dimensional front adjustment, dynamic carrying capacities of 40 and 60 kg, high stability and very good sag values. MOVENTO can be combined with the SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support system for handle-less fronts. Furniture opens with just a light touch and closes silently and effortlessly thanks to BLUMOTION. If a mechanical opening support system is required, MOVENTO is available with TIP-ON BLUMOTION or integrated TIP-ON technology.

Product Details:
  • New quality of motion - from opening to closing
  • New 4-dimensional easy setting for an exact gap design
  • 40kg and 60kg carrying capacity, excellent sag values and high stability, can be used in many applications
  • SERVO-DRIVE or TIP-ON enables handle-less furniture
  • The MOVENTO runner always has the same fixing position
  • For the lifetime of the furniture

Physical Specifications:
Capacity: 60kg
Slide Length: 750mm
Motion Technology: Blumotion
Brand: Blum
Slide Extension: Full Extension
Packaging Format: Pair

About Blum
Located in Mississauga Ontario, the headquarters of Blum Canada Limited is ideally situated to serve the needs of the Canadian market. Blum Canada is part of a global distribution network that serves the unique needs of over 60 countries. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Julius Blum GmbH of Hoechst, Austria, a family owned company, which produces the finest in functional cabinet hardware in the world. Blum Canada has created success with innovative products like CLIP and CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges, AVENTOS lift systems for upper cabinets, TANDEMBOX and LEGRABOX drawer systems, TANDEM and MOVENTO for wood drawers, as well as ORGA-LINE and AMBIA-LINE for better organization in your kitchen. Many of these products are supported with motion technologies like SERVO-DRIVE, TIP-ON, and BLUMOTION... names commonly used to describe all products of their type.