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Blum M53.1053 Standard Boring and Insertion Machine with Single Phase Power
Pneumatic feed with drilling distance set via digital read-out. Multiple drilling heads available and built-in laser for error free drilling. ... MORE
Model: BLA....M53.1053 D
Manufacturer: Blum
Price: $2,650.00 

Blum M53.1053 Standard Boring and Insertion Machine with Single Phase Power
MINIPRESS P - The specialist tool. MINIPRESS P is a specialised machine for drilling hinges. Once it’s set, it carries out routine work with precision and efficiency. A pneumatic feed for drilling and insertion as well as a spindle for the drilling distance setting makes working with MINIPRESS P safe and precise.

MINIPRESS P: specialised:
  • Vertical drilling and component insertion
  • Drilling distance settings using spindle
  • Pneumatic feed
  • Drilling of various patterns With the multi-swivel drilling head, various drilling patterns for furniture fixings can be set quickly, precisely and without the need for tools
  • Insertion of Blum components MINIPRESS P is equally efficient when it comes to inserting Blum fittings. The operation is both simple and precise
  • Practical and precise ruler system The drilling distance is set easily from the front using a calibrated spindle
  • Quick connect chuck For quick and comfortable drill bit changeovers. The quick connect chucks can be retrofitted individually
  • Optional 9 spindle drilling head For efficient drilling of hole groups within the 32 mm system
  • Optional 8 spindle drilling head For the assembly of BOX front fixings and cabinet profiles

About Blum Canada
Blum an international company that produces hinge, lift and runner-systems and the appropriate assembly tools for the cabinet making and furniture industry.