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BLUM 79B9580 CLIP Top Bluemotion Hinge Inset Blind Corner Knock-in with 95° Opening
CLIP top: Function meets design
CLIP top hinges are concealed hinges for cabinet doors, meaning they cannot be seen when the door is closed. These hinges are easy to use and they work in almost any hinge application because of the wide variety of mounting plates available. That's right, these Euro hinges can be used in frameless and face frame cabinets. CLIP top hinges can also be easily upgraded with soft closing BLUMOTION making them a flexible and reliable option for any cabinet ... MORE
Model: BLHE...79B9580
Manufacturer: Blum
In Stock
Price: $8.56 

BLUM 79B9580 CLIP Top Bluemotion Hinge Inset Blind Corner Knock-in with 95° Opening
Box Quantities: order 50 units for a complete box

Silent and effortless, that’s how cabinet doors close with CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges - regardless of the weight or closing speed. The new BLUMOTION soft close mechanism is integrated in the hinge cup, and continues to provide the quality of motion you have come to expect from Blum hardware.

95 Degree Cliptop Blumotion Blind Corner Inset-Self-Closing (79B9580)
Part Number: 79B9580
Item Weight: 8.3 Ounces
Style: Clip Cabinet Hinge
Finish: Nickel
Material: Steel

A Bit About BLUM
For more than 60 years, Blum has always been considered a market leader in the development of new and innovative products. Their manufacturing of superior quality hinge systems, drawer runners and lift systems create emotion and enhance user convenience in any kitchen. Blum's fitting solutions make opening and closing furniture a mesmerizing experience. More than 5,700 employees work hard all over the world to perfect the motion of Blum's fittings systems. Their products are designed to inspire everyone who uses them. The high standards of quality in every Blum product have well-though-out function, award-winning design and most importantly a long life to ensure that cabinet doors and drawers open with ease, close softly and effortlessly, while making work flow and everyday kitchen use simple.