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AVENTOS HK-S 20K2B00 Lift Mechanism Set
20K2B00 HK-S SET PF220-500 ... MORE
Model: BLA....20K2B00
Manufacturer: Blum
In Stock
Price: $48.57 

AVENTOS HK-S 20K2B00 Lift Mechanism Set

AVENTOS Collection AVENTOS HK-S Face Frame Stay-Lift Cabinet Lift Mechanism Set Power Factor of 19 - 39

This lift set includes the lift mechanisms, cover plates and wood screws for power factors between 19 and 39. It allows an opening angle of 107°. To determine your power factor, multiply the cabinet height in inches by the door weight in pounds.

The AVENTOS HK-S Series has only three lift mechanisms and covers smaller door widths and heights. This simplifies planning, ordering and warehousing. Providing perfect motion for small cabinets with lift up doors is the goal of AVENTOS HK-S. With the ability to stop at any opening position, it has been specially designed in terms of size and performance to provide the consumer a perfect experience. It has easy adjustment and installation and works with both frame and panel cabinet applications. With AVENTOS HK-S, the one-piece door front lifts up. Optimal for low cabinet heights, its applications include above refrigerator, accent cabinets or wall cabinets.


  • Includes lift mechanism, covers and wood screws
  • Power factor of 19 - 39
  • 107° opening angle
  • Mounting plate required
  • Power Factor:Cabinet height (in) x door weight (lb)